LiDAR Active Remote Sensing Technology sends lasers through canopy

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Would you like to know what species of trees make-up the forest you manage? Would you like to know the location, the height and the health of these trees? Do you need to scale your timberlands to identify available gross and net volume of logs? Do you need to better understand what is ripe for harvest and what underbrush needs to be managed? Are you planning appropriately for the long term value of your forest? Are you dealing with fire risks proactively?

With Whiteout Solutions’ integrated technologies it’s finally a straightforward task to map the characteristics of large acres of forestlands and to get the analytics stewards need to properly manage all aspects of their work.


Next Generation Forestry

Are you still walking large tracts of forests? Are you looking for a better way to quickly “see” what’s going on with your forestlands? Using the latest in GIS and remote sensing technology Whiteout Solutions can provide you:

Terrain/DEM map of your lands, wetland analysis, creek and river lines, tree species, tree height, tree canopy size/structure, tree crown health, road locations for existing and new road planning, wildlife habitat and risk analysis / mitigation plans for high severity fire?

It can be done with next generation forestry technology



Our roots in GIS, software development and state of the art data acquisition and analysis technologies, Whiteout Solutions has built the next generation of Forestry Management systems.



Integrate our custom software with existing technology to build solutions that provide the real time information necessary for forest stewards to maintain and improve the health, diversity, and productivity of the forest they manage to meet the needs of current and future generations.